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Cooking Recipe App

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What is Advieh?

Advieh is a versatile cooking recipe application designed to assist people worldwide in learning how to cook delicious meals, obtain inspiration, and cook professionally with a wide range of recipes. Our platform offers a variety of recipes suited for different proficiency levels, including professionals who want to experiment with new dishes and enjoy the art of cooking. The application contains user-friendly recipes that are easy to follow and tips and tricks to enhance your skills. Advieh enables users to explore new recipes, connect with other food enthusiasts, share their culinary creations with ease, and have fun.

What Advieh means?

In Persian cuisine, advieh refers to a mixture of spices used for cooking.


Jan 2023-March 2023


UX/UI Designer


From concept to design the product


Figma, Miro, Photoshop

Design Process

Untitled - Frame 1 (2).jpg

Project overview

Most individuals, particularly men, teenagers, and busy mothers, often lack the time or knowledge required to cook meals using the right ingredients. This intelligent cooking application will assist such individuals in preparing and making meals for themselves, even if they lack cooking experience. Additionally, the app will provide a range of special-diet recipes that can be made using the available ingredients. Additionally, this app provides users with access to a variety of professional tips and techniques for enhancing their cooking and baking skills. The app not only provides a range of options but also prioritizes user-friendliness and ease of use.

The Problem

Individuals who lack cooking experience, or those who wish to expand their culinary knowledge, follow specific diets, seek inspiration, or are simply food enthusiasts, are in search of an app that provides them with excellent recipes, instilling confidence and allowing them to cook like a professional chef.

The Solution

Adiveh enables users to easily search for recipes by tags, diets, ingredients, and more. Its step-by-step instructions make cooking accessible to individuals with no prior cooking experience, helping them to prepare dishes like a professional and share their knowledge with others.

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What is new?

Advieh is a cooking recipe application that provides a range of specific features to enhance the user's experience. With Advieh, you have the option to use a note feature that enables you to write down any experience or tips while cooking and save them for future reference. Furthermore, we understand the importance of timing in cooking, so we have included a timer within our app to help users stay focused and keep track of their cooking time. Additionally, Advieh accommodates users with special dietary requirements, such as low-oxalate, no sugar, and more, by providing recipes tailored to their specific needs.

Competitive Analysis

I began my research by downloading three popular cooking recipe apps, Epicurious, Tasty, Yummly, and analyzing their features, offers, and user experiences. The purpose of this research is to understand the competition in the market, as well as the motivations of users who download these apps. Through this analysis, I hope to gain insights into user behavior and preferences.

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  • Recipe collection

  • Search and filter

  • Community and ratings

  • Video content

  • Seasonal and trending Recipes

  • Save and organize recipes

  • Simple interface

Weak points

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  • Content update issues

  • Subscription required for most of the recipes

  • App updates and bug fixes




  • Step-by-step instructions

  • Search with filter

  • Recipe cost showed

  • User reviews

  • Meal planner

  • Shopping list

Weak points

  • Limited Dietary Options

  • Crowded interface

  • Content Performance Issue

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  • Nutrition fact

  • Meal planner

  • Guided video recipes

  • Nutrition information

  • Recipe collection

  • Shopping list

Weak points

  • Subscription required for most parts

  • Low quality pictures for recipes

  • Not easy to go directions


The main goal of design research is to gather insights from the end user's perspective and apply them to the design process. By focusing on the user's pain points and goals, we can prevent any issues that may arise during the design process. Recently, I conducted a quick survey among people interested in cooking or wanting to learn how to cook.


Research Result

  • Mostly of the participants would like to have both video and written instructions.

  • 3/4 of them followed a diet in their daily eating routine.

  • 90% of them would like to try new recipes.

  • They used mobile apps more than any other resources for getting inspiration or recipes.

" During the weekdays, I prefer to make some quick recipes, and I take inspiration from cooking apps and cook with whatever ingredients I have."


"Since I do not have that much knowledge in cooking, I get help by using some trustable apps to improve my knowledge and also making new recipes."


" I enjoy using the cooking apps since I'm a chef and I can share my recipes with others, so people can cook professionally and I also love to see/cook other pro recipes."



After analyzing the data from user interviews, it was clear that I needed to create a persona to visualize who the target end-user would be and also gain a deeper understanding and empathy for our target audience.

advieh (5).jpg
advieh 6.jpg


To show how a user will be through the cooking process from the starting point to the outcome, I decided to have a storyboard on Persona 1, Sara, and show the process steps.


User Journey Map

The goal of having a user journey map was to understand the products from the user's perspective. It shows the actions and visualization of the user's steps and reactions.

User journey map.png

User Flow

I started to create user flows to ensure that each step is meaningful and that the user completes each task smoothly, reaching the required goal.

Frame 864.png


To better understanding of the research results and user needs, I use crazy 8s to sketch the whole idea of the concept and start the low-fidelity wireframes.


Low-Fidelity Prototypes

Once a solid foundation was established, I used the wireframe structure to create a low-fidelity prototype. This was useful when determining how enjoyable and functional the current design was during this stage.

iPhone 13 Pro Max - 8 3.png
iPhone 13 Pro Max - 7 3.png
iPhone 13 Pro Max - 4 3.png
iPhone 13 Pro Max - 9 4.png
iPhone 13 Pro Max - 10 3.png

Typography & Colors

The colors are aimed at stimulating appetite and promoting by using the colors associated with healthy eating and freshness of ingredients. However, the typography chosen is based on readability, legibility, and simplicity.







Base Value: 14

Scale: 1.125

Typography style.png

Final Design 

After testing for usability mistakes, I designed the final screens in Figma with a clean, minimal feel to allow my audiences to go through it quickly and easily, and here is the result.


Through this project, I was reminded how valuable empathizing is when understanding the users I am designing for.
Additionally, I was able to learn how to overcome obstacles more effectively. While every problem has at least one solution, my responsibility was to discover and implement the best one. To successfully achieve this, I focused on the needs and expectations of users at every stage of the design process.

What comes next?

  • Keep the app updated and add more features to it to help users have an easy and enjoyable experience.

  • Research how the app impacts users who are following special diets.

  • Make the app's content available in several languages to increase awareness among a broader range of users.

  • Collaborate with culinary professionals to participate in sharing their experiences and recipes.

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