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Refreshing the flower purchasing experience

What is Blooms?

Blooms is an easy-to-use flower shop app that offers a range of floral arrangements for customers who are interested in purchasing flowers, saving time, and receiving them at their convenience. Most importantly, the app allows customers to fully customize their orders. Additionally, Blooms offers a variety of flower types that are not typically available in local stores.


Nov 2022- Jan 2023


UI/UX Designer


Mobile Application
Product Design




Design Process

Untitled - Frame 1 (1).jpg

Project Overview

Flower shopping is a common experience for most individuals, but due to busy schedules, they prefer to do it easily, like online shopping. Unfortunately, there are not many online floral shops available. Even in person or online shopping, there is often a lack of variety and customization options for floral arrangements. This app provides an easy-to-follow quick process and a simple user interface design, which helps customers to have a good experience. It also offers customization options for those who are interested in making their own floral arrangements according to their taste.

The Problem

The problem is consumers are dissatisfied with online shopping experiences because of poor user interfaces and loss of purchases due to low-quality products or limited variety of their products, which often culminate in leaving their purchases.

The Solution

Blooms is a mobile app that lets users quickly and easily order the freshest flowers for any occasion with a few clicks. This app would have a customization feature based on types of flowers, leaves, and designs for consumers looking for something special or specific based on their favors.

User Research

I started my research with a survey that helped me identify common pain points. The random participant's ages were between 22- 55 and here is the results below:

MacBook Air - 6.png
MacBook Air - 12.png
MacBook Air - 8.png
MacBook Air - 13.png
MacBook Air - 10.png
MacBook Air - 9.png
  1. Users feel overwhelmed when there ordering process has not an easy path to follow.

  2. Users were concerned about the quality and the price of the products.

  3. Users changed their mind to placed the order because of the product designs.

  4. Users struggle with the checkout flow, often making input errors in the process.

  5. Users were changed their mind because the flowers designs are not updated and near to their favors.

Competitive Analysis

Through conducting a competitive analysis, I was able to gain insights into my design solution. This analysis helped me to better understand my competitors, identify their strengths and weaknesses, and find potential opportunities to make my design more feasible, usable, and practical for individuals.

1800 Flowers



Reasonable Pricing


Gift Card


1800 Flowers



Easy to Order

Top Rated App

Good User Interface

After comparing three different flower shop apps and browsing through others, I've come to a conclusion.

First, there are very few existing flower shop apps, so Blooms can fill a gap in the market. However, existing apps have room for improvement regarding user interface design and updated features.

By analyzing these three apps and considering my own ideas, I have a clear direction for finalizing the first version of my design.


Based on the information gathered from participants, I created two personas to represent our target users. The first one is our primary persona.

Screen Shot 2023-04-19 at 11.08.21 AM.png
Evan Jones
Age: 39
Occupation: Software Engineer
Status: Married, lives with his wife and his two kids
Location: Danville, California
  • An app that can place your order based on your taste and customize the bouquet.

  • Be able to place my order easily and quickly.

  • To get the best quality of flowers by delivery.

  • Can find some unique flowers in that store.

  • To get customized bouquets or boxes of flowers.

  • frustrated to look for some new and unique flower bouquets since most stores have similar designs.

  • Do not give you the previous customer reviews.

  • Canceling my orders when I see their shop's design is to complicated to follow.

Evan is a busy full-time software engineer who lives in a house in Danville, California with his family. He usually spends an hour playing with his boys after work during the week and helping his wife with shopping and home-related stuff. They go out in nature and on short road trips on some weekends. However, he would hike with his friends and play football on weekends. He would love to surprise his wife with her favorite flowers and make her happy, so he tried different places and online stores to get them. Also, he likes to go to restaurants to try different cuisines.

"I have a busy schedule and I look for the easiest and simplest way to buy a bouquet for my wife."
Lili Jay

Age: 28

Occupation: Photographer

Status: Single, Lives alone

Location: Orinda, California

  • Feel satisfy with her online orders

  • to find an online flower shop with a reliable products and services.

  • To find a great prices for flower bouquets.

  • To save some time and spend more on her photography ideas.

  • She can only sometimes buy flowers in person from the shop due to her busy schedule.

  • She is still looking for a variety of flowers in stores.

  • She feels dissatisfied when switching stores due to their poor-quality products.

Lili is a full-time wedding photographer who is highly skilled and has a creative approach to her work. In addition to capturing events, she also takes beautiful photographs of flowers at weddings, which happen to be her favorite subject. Lili used to keep flowers at home for photography but now, due to her busy schedule, she has trouble finding the time to buy them from local stores. Moreover, she prefers to have a variety of flowers each time which is not always possible in local stores. Therefore, Lili is searching for an application that would allow her to conveniently order flowers and have them delivered to her.

"Having fresh flowers at home is so relaxing, and taking pictures of them and sharing them is even more satisfying."

Problem Statement


is a busy but attentive husband who needs to quickly and confidently purchase flowers online since he needs to save his time.


Lili is a full-time photographer who needs a flexible flower subscription to boost her mood at home and save her time.

How Might We...

The first method I used in my ideation strategy was “How Might We” questions, which allowed me to assess the problem with a fresh perspective and generate many creative ideas. The questions which provoked meaningful and relevant ideas were as follows:

Can we demonstrate the quality of our product to inspire consumer confidence?


Can we make the ordering process more accessible to follow?


Can we offer exciting products and deals that entice customers to purchase their favorites?


Can we simplify and enhance the bouquet customization experience?


Can we improve the flower shopping experience to save time?


Can we make it easy for consumers to choose an arrangement and feel confident in their decision?


User Flow

Before transitioning into wireframing, I conceptualized the primary use case for the app by mapping out a high-level user flow. 

For the user flow, I mapped the customization (choosing the flower & wrap) and also the existing bouquets to show the path example for both ways.


To push beyond early ideas and explore more creative solutions, I put pen to paper and brainstormed using Crazy 8's technique. 

Low Fidelity Wireframes

After understanding the concept of design and essential ideas for creating Blooms, I started making low-fidelity wireframes to ensure that the design aligned with user needs.

iPhone 14 Pro-6.png
Design System

I developed a design system to simplify the design process and ensure a consistent visual experience. I began by determining a few specific characteristics I wanted the brand to be known for, such as sophistication, luxury, reliability, and fun. After experimenting with different combinations of fonts and colors, I finalized the following elements:


As the app is called Blooms, I chose the primary color based on its name and nature.

Text Style
Base value: 14
Scale: 1.125
Styles: Bold, Semibold, Medium, Regular, Light
Frame 36930.png
The logo consists of a stylized text and a flower symbol. The flower shape from the logo is also used as an icon.
Frame 36927.png


After finalizing the design system and making some changes to the low-fidelity wireframes, I have created a design that prioritizes usability, feasibility, and desirability based on user needs.
iPhone 15 Pro (4).png
iPhone 15 Pro (5).png
iPhone 15 Pro (6).png
iPhone 15 Pro (7).png
iPhone 15 Pro (8).png
iPhone 15 Pro (9).png
iPhone 15 Pro (10).png
iPhone 15 Pro (14).png
iPhone 15 Pro (15).png
iPhone 15 Pro (19).png
iPhone 15 Pro (17).png
iPhone 15 Pro (18).png

Final Design

During this project, I had the opportunity to connect with users and introduce them to a new concept. Through this process, I gained valuable insights. Firstly, I learned about the floral business and design. Secondly, I discovered the importance of understanding user needs when creating an order. Thirdly, I learned the benefits of iteration in the design process, as it helped me to overcome obstacles and create a better design. This project also provided me with the opportunity to learn new design tips that I have now implemented into Blooms.
What Comes Next?
Great news! In the upcoming updates, we will be implementing AI assistance to provide customers with a better visual of the products during the ordering process. Additionally, we will be adding more popular flowers and greens to the options list to offer a wider variety of choices. I will continue to improve the functionality of the app to ensure a smoother, faster and more user-friendly ordering experience.
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