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Social Media Management
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Project Overview

Social Wave is a social media management solution that helps customers improve their social media strategy. Users can connect with their audiences, streamline publishing workflows, collaborate in real time, and analyze social media data. Also, users can schedule posts and ads across all social networks in just a few clicks..




UX/UI Designer







Design Process

The project followed this process; First, discover and understand the problem. Then, define the problem and ideate on solutions. Finally, translate solutions into designs, prototype, and test and of course iterations to improve the design and user experiences.






The Problem

Inefficient management of social media is a significant issue for users struggling to maintain their social media strategy across multiple platforms due to the absence of a centralized and user-friendly solution. Furthermore, users spend too much time manually scheduling posts and ads across various social networks, resulting in time-consuming publishing workflows and a need for a more efficient process. Additionally, users require assistance in obtaining actionable insights as they struggle to interpret social data, extract meaningful insights, and make informed decisions.


In order to help users better connect with their audiences on social media, it is essential to offer a range of tools and features. This process can be simplified and made more intuitive by streamlining publishing workflows and allowing users to schedule and publish content efficiently across multiple social networks. To further enhance the user experience, it is also helpful to provide visually appealing and informative infographics that improve data visualization and make it easier for users to understand and act on the information presented quickly.


To collect realistic data, I conducted five user interviews with participants who align with our target audience, like influencers in different fields who are active on various social media platforms, and the management of their social media is crucial to them. 

Our goal was to learn more about their experience by using a few social media platforms to handle their content. I also wanted to understand what factors are important to them if they want to choose management tools.

The insights I got were incredibly valuable and challenged some of our initial assumptions. 

"The human touch is essential. I want to hire someone who understands my business and can appreciate it, not only want money."

"I don't know much, so it's hard to know who to trust or who is giving me a good deal or knowledgable about it."

"Handling a few platforms and having the contents updated in them is so time-consuming, I would instead hire an admin or have something to handle them easily."

" I tried to work with a management tool, but it was so hard to work with; the design confused me, and then I returned to handle all my platforms by myself."

" I will use a management tool if I like the design because it helps me to improve and make more content for my social media faster."

Affinity Diagram

I sorted the insights we collected from the interviews into different categories. This led us to identify the following groups: showcasing past work, visual design, reasons for using the tool, devices, pain points, and features.

User Persona

After gathering insights from user research and stakeholder input, we constructed Ella as our user persona.

Screenshot 2023-12-01 at 2.22.56 PM.png

Ella Miller

"I like to connect people with  social media tools to make their social life easier."

Age: 28

Occupation: Social media manager

Status: Single

Location: Los Angeles, California


Ella is an experienced social media manager who works for a mid-sized marketing agency that serves multiple clients from diverse industries. With five years of experience in marketing, she has a deep understanding of various social media platforms, their algorithms, and current trends. Her main responsibility is to develop and implement effective social media strategies for her clients, with the goal of increasing brand awareness, engagement, and driving traffic to their websites.

Pain Points

  • Information overload

  • Real-time monitoring

  • Interpreting Data

  • Platform-specific Analysis


  • To be able to analyze large amounts of data and extract valuable insights.

  • To have access to multiple analytics tools across different social media platforms at the same time.

  • To be able to get real-time updates and respond to them quickly.

  • Use visualizations to identify trends and patterns more easily.


  • Innovative

  • Great to details

  • Hard worker

  • Smart

Problem Statement

Individuals who are frequently engaged on multiple social media platforms often struggle with managing their content and related tasks such as analyzing and scheduling advertisements need to find a way to manage and overcome these challenges because it can be time-consuming and difficult to keep up with all the updates, posts, and ads that are relevant to their social media presence and they may miss out on important content and updates that could benefit their accounts.


Crazy 8s & Key Features

The "Crazy 8" method helped me finalize and gather information to guide my design process for the next steps.



What key features I will add in my design to help users better.
1. The platform offers various insights, including profile views, total followers and following, saved posts, impressions, reach, engagements, average likes, comments, and shares. 
2. The interface design would be simple and visually attractive, making it easy to navigate. 
3. Add straightforward charts and graphs to interpret and understand. 
4. Give the users the ability to monitor your account in real-time using the active times, profile visits, and top locations features. 
5. The platform should include a linked profile feature allowing users to add multiple social media accounts to their profiles.

Zahra - Scan_edited.jpg

Low-Fidelity Wireframes

After these previous steps, I start to create low fidelity wireframes both for desktop and mobile frames.

DASH, DONE (2).png
Dash, mobile, DONE.png

Design System

The color palette chosen represents creativity, imagination, and luxury, which can appeal to a platform focusing on innovative social media strategies. Additionally, the primary color blue is associated with trust, professionalism, and communication.




Base Value: 16

Scale: 1.25


Base Value: 14

Scale: 1.125







High-Fidelity Wireframes



My Takeaways

Through this project, I gained a deeper understanding of how the tool can significantly simplify social media platform management. Emphasizing the importance of design, it's crucial to evoke a positive user experience. In essence, the entire process cultivates a user-centric mindset by seamlessly integrating design, technology, and ensuring user satisfaction. Moreover, designing a responsive website help the users to easily consume and interact with the content.

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